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They invented a genre for me!

I generally dislike musical genres, however I do appreciate the creativity of those who actively invent new categories to put existing stuff in.

Some users have tagged my VIC-20 tunes as "bitpunk", and I currently happen to be the "top artist" under this tag. The classification sounds somewhat fitting, even though I don't know what it means.

[top bitpunk artist!]

Another genre I've been tagged with is "chipcore". I don't really have an idea what "chipcore" is either, so perhaps I should dive into the world of genre naming in order to understand what my music is considered to be.

A decade ago, we basically had two common names for "chippy"-sounding computer music: chips and sids. Nowadays, we have a dozen names for chippy music, and I'm still somewhat clueless as to what separates them. Some tags from

Wikipedia seems to regard chiptunes and micromusic as the same thing, and there's also a discussion on whether the articles for gamewave and bitpop should be combined. So perhaps people just use different names for the same things depending on their own particular niches.