viznut's amazing discoveries


I'm quitting.

As the year is coming to an end, I have now decided to officially close this weblog.

The only posts from now on, in case they are going to appear, will be links to my new blogging projects.

So, why?

First of all, let me list the reasons why I started this thing in the first place:

"Viznut's amazing discoveries" went online in March 2007, with an intentionally vague manifesto. The reason for this vagueness was to provide a lot of room for cross-disciplinary ideas, wild mental associations, digging up all kinds of obscure stuff to turn upside down, etc. I even tried to follow a pattern where adjacent posts are conceptually as far as possible from one another.

However, it seems that this idea was also the main weakness of the weblog. I was hoping that while writing about a wide variety of things the definition of the blog would eventually "sharpen itself" -- that is, some kind of general core idea would eventually filter out. This did not happen. Instead, it felt like that my audience consisted of "clumps" with relatively little common grounds, and every time I was writing a new post I was worried that some of the "clumps" would not find it interesting or even decipherable.

This may also be related to the social networking structure of Livejournal where I mirrored the posts for maximizing the potential audience. LJ may be quite suitable for "friend blogs" and semi-well-defined "topic blogs" but not at all for the kind of stuff I was using it for.

So, as the weblog is no longer inviting me for reporting about new discoveries and ideas, it does not serve any purpose for me anymore.

In the future, I'm probably going to restart my blogging but with a somewhat rethought approach. These months have taught me a lot about blogging and especially the "social dynamics" aspect thereof. I now have a better sense of what works and what does not, and I hope my future projects will be more succesful.

I hope you enjoyed my mental bursts as much as I enjoyed writing them. See you in next life.