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I wasn't planning to blog this but right now it feels that I have to.

Our beloved friend Lauri a.k.a. Xaztur/PWP, was found dead at home on 2007-08-01, just before Assembly. The patologist assumes that the death was caused by alcohol. I planned on putting a memorial message in my Assembly demo but it didn't seem quite appropriate at the time. There was one 4K intro at the party, however (the one by Brainlez Coders), that stated "RIP Lauri".

I personally have quite many memories of Xaztur from the span of last eleven years, starting from a BBS meeting in 1996.

Xaztur's body was cremated on 2007-08-11, however I wasn't able to attend the ceremony due to the long distance and my weekend schedule.

Today I also found out that Joybubbles a.k.a. Joe Engressia, the legendary "blind whistler boy" of the 1970s and the initiator of the phone phreaking scene, also passed away recently, on 2007-08-07, at the age of 58.