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Breaking news: Timbaland makes some beats of his own!

I've been regretting the fact that I didn't yet have a blog in January, when the "Timbaland vs demoscene" case suddenly made it to the big news. I did maintain a somewhat popular link list on the topic, yes, but a blog could have been a very good supplement for keeping the audience updated about new stuff. Therefore, once I started my blog, I've been looking for an excuse for a Timbaland-related "hot news" post. And here it comes!

Some days ago, Timbaland was in Germany, arguing with a Croatian guy in a bar after some gig. The discussion was so heated that the Croatian eventually uttered a magical taboo word.

This word caused Timbaland and two other Americans to attack the Croatian. The Croatian was taken to the hospital and Timbaland to the jail.

Right now, the entire WEB 2.0 OF THE FUTURE is defending Timbaland for being a courageous defender of his honor, showing the damned Nazi-German foreigners what happens if you utter a magical taboo word to a true American patriot.

I was actually reading these stupid comments only because I was hoping to find some references (jokes or something) regarding the plagiarism controversy. This would have re-re-rereheated some of the discussion.

However, it seems that the audience has already forgotten the case entirely.