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The lamest party of the year was cancelled!

This year seems to be quite good for Finnish demoparties, with a total of six events taking place:

The last year we had this many parties was 2003 (and before that, in the 1990s), so it really seems to be a remarkable year.

There was even a seventh candidate, but it was cancelled. Fortunately. "Due to lack of interest", they say in today's announcement on their website.

What I'm talking about is a gaming and home entertainment fair called "Guru 07" which also hosts a LAN party. This LAN party was supposed to be divided in two themes - a network gaming event and a "demoparty".

[2.krs - verkkopelitapahtuma, 1.krs - demopartyt]

Why quotation marks? Well, it was probably going to be the worst misuse of the word "demoparty" ever.

The organizers' idea of demoparty was apparently based on a combination of four things:

That's right, no democompo.

And hell, there's even no wild/video/animation compo where demos could be submitted even in theory.

So, this was probably going to be the first "demoparty" ever with no possibility whatsoever for competing with a demo.

As far as I know, the above-mentioned four things are quite ordinary features in normal gaming-oriented LAN parties, so there doesn't seem to be any relevant excuse for using the word "demoparty".

Of course, the organizers of the event seem to be extremely clueless about the whole concept, at least according to their website and press releases. For everyone's amusement, here are some of the best parts:

And by the way, the total prizes of the music and graphics competitions are nearly 2000 euros in cash. They're still holding these competitions despite dropping the "demoparty" label. And by the way, they even managed to get Jaana Pelkonen to host the event including the compos, so here's your chance!