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Political update

Last week, Russia announced an environmentally friendly vacuum bomb that can be used for preventing terrorism anytime and everywhere. I'm sure the rest of the world will be very happy about this new invention, which is just as powerful as nuclear weapons but does not pollute the environment at all!

After this announcement, Putin took a step towards dictatorship. Russian prime minister resigns because of "upcoming political changes" and because he wants the president to be in a complete control of the country.

In the European Union, Italians want to promote Orwellian Newspeak. Commissioner Franco Frattini wants to eliminate the words "bomb", "kill", "genocide" and "terrorism" from Internet search engines. The next logical step could be to block all the websites containing these words, and finally, these words could be banned everywhere. "We restrict the freedom of speech just slightly in order to ensure the safety of the European citizens." Oh yeah. I'm just curious why they also want to eliminate one of their most powerful buzzwords ("terrorism") which has been so useful in disabling rational thought on this decade.

German politicans have also recently banned the use of information security software in Germany. Of course, this opens more doors for system-crackers and perhaps spies as well. There also seems to be an urge of expanding this ridiculous ban to the whole union. Is Stasi coming back? Or rather, are the politicians just totally clueless morons who have no idea what they are doing?

In Hungary, the establishment restricts Tomcat of Madwizards' freedom by linking him to terrorism, because he is considered such a dangerous political activist. Of course there is no real evidence, but according to the IRC logs, police seems to have received a direct order for removing Tomcat out of the political scene and making up some evidence if necessary. And of course, "terrorism" is a nice and powerful word once again.

Judging from the recent update on Tempest's website, it seems that Timbaland's lawyers have been able to forge a pretty nice "STFU deal" with Tempest. I'm not going to speculate about the amount of dollars involved, I'm just curiouos about the sparse wording of the statement which clearly seems to indicate a "money talks" deal.

And speaking of big guys and the demoscene, it has been announced today that Al Lowe (of Leisure Suit Larry fame) is coming to visit the Alternative Party in November. We are really living interesting times, say.

The picture on top is a screenshot from the Spectrum demo "Anger" by Cyberpunks Unity, by the way.