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Reversing the timeline

Recently, I've been listening to some music, mainly tracker chiptunes, in reverse. No, I'm not looking for hidden satanic messages but actually trying to find something that sounds good in both directions. And chiptunes are nice for this as their basic sounds are very simple, so the reversed instruments don't tend to sound as ugly as, say, reversed real-life instruments often do.

I already noticed some years ago that one of my old chipmods, "Vaaksa", sounds surprisingly good in reverse, so I made a palindrome out of it by catenating the original and mirrored sound together. Yesterday, I also did the same thing to two of my other old 1990s chipmods as well as for WOTW's "Intro 101".

I also put the MP3s (or actually MP2s, don't ask) of these four palindromes online at

So, why am I bothering on the first place? Well, the usual stuff: new ideas, inspiration, experimentation, deepening my views on how music actually works in the time continuum. If I get inspired enough, I might even create some intentionally symmetric music, perhaps for the "Obscure Music Competition" at the next Alternative Party.

Another related idea is to learn to speak in reverse, as I believe that it would deepen my understanding of how human languages work (and also encourage to think backwards, which could be quite refreshing).

And by the way, speaking of chiptunes, there are some rumors of progress in the legal process concerning the Timbaland/Tempest plagiarism controversy. See Chris Abbott's short post on the Remix64 forums for more information. I'll post a separate entry once there's something substantial to report.