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Resistor art and other old ghosts

Here's something I recently built with resistors (click the picture for a large version):


And here's a close-up:


Here's a similar picture of yours truly:


And yes, as you probably noticed, these aren't real resistors but virtual ones, rendered with POV-Ray. I didn't even bother making the converter use legal colors for the bands; I just wanted to see a bunch of colorful electronic components (fake or not) making up some bitmap picture.

I already had this idea of "circuit art" some years ago when looking at a circuit board with a lot of resistors, but this is the first time I turned it into reality. Or at least into some kind of simulation thereof.

During my lifetime, I've got a countless number of creative ideas, based on all kinds of mental associations, sudden imaginative flashes and even dreams. Some of the ideas (even some of the very vague ones) have been haunting me for several years, so I've begun to realize that I need to start putting them into a more "concrete" form. Visual still art (both 2D and 3D) could perhaps provide a pretty nice channel for a lot of my "artistic urge".

Also, while charting my mental world for all kinds of possibilities, I've been rediscovering the kinds of creative things I wanted to do with computers before I got into the demoscene. I didn't have much skills back then, but now that I'm more experienced, it could be worthy to start manifesting some of these "childhood dreams". This includes visual art, real-time storylined animation and even games. But that's perhaps worth another story.