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How IRC flooders become national enemies: PiRATOX and tEAM ELiTE

Now, this is getting cosmic.

On recent days, there has been media hype in Finland about continuous large-scale denial-of-service attacks against the servers of YLE and some other Finnish institutions.

Some time ago, someone created a web page (with an apparently forged screenshot) "proving" that a tiny little IRC flooder using the nick "Piratox" was guilty of all this.


Now, one of the leading Finnish newspapers, Helsingin Sanomat, has taken this seriously and says that the description on the anti-Piratox web page "feels reliable". The article even interviews Mikko Hyppönen of F-Secure, who mentions an East-European Internet terrorist group called "Team Elite" (gasp) which is supposed to be the competitor of Piratox's group.

This thing is funny on so many levels. There's the mainstream media that gets totally misleaded by some Internet bullying and jokes. There are stereotypical scriptkiddies with names that sound like wanna-be-elite waregroups of the mid-1990s. And above all, there are these "experts" who speculate that the recent Eurovision Song Contest was the excuse for the whole thing.

And by the way, the page that blames Piratox is already accusing Helsingin Sanomat of bad journalism :)