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Breakpoint results

We've got the results from the Breakpoint demoparty!

[Something like bumpmapping in core] [Cubecity in core]

Our (wAMMA + PWP) Atari VCS 2600 demo, "(core)", ended up fifth (out of a total of 17 entries) in the console/wild demo competition. The overall quality of this compo was pretty good, and the diversity of platforms and styles was surprisingly wide.

Basically, this competition was for demos made for platforms other than the major ones (PC, Amiga, C-64), so it covered all the remaining homecomputers (Spectrum, MSX, Atari), mobile phones, pocket calculators (TI-83), handheld consoles (GBA, NDS, PSP), brand-new consoles (360), custom DIY hardware, etc. Diversity generally makes democompos interesting, however it can also complicate the ranking: how would you compare a hard-core code-oriented 8-bit demo to a design-oriented realtime 3D movie or an "avant-garde" "visual poetry" piece? There are not many common denominators to base the judgement on.

[Speech synth part of core]

Anyway, what I made for "(core)" were the speech synthesis clips (including the robotic voice, the accompanying scroller and the faux visualization of the sound wave). As some people may have guessed, the synth was basically ported from the routine I've been using in some of my VIC-20 and C-64 productions, with the difference that there were no pitch variations. I think it is possible to make a singing software speechsynth for the VCS but it needs a bit different approach than on the Commodores.

As for the other Breakpoint compos I managed to watch via the stream, there were some jewels in the C-64 demo competition, including Resource's and Chorus's accurate remake of Kefrens' 1993 Amiga classic "Desert Dream", as well as Oxyron's "Natural Wonders" which I also liked a lot. People have also been liking the winning PC demo, Debris by Farbrausch, so I think I'll have to watch a video capture of it some time.