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Breakpoint video streams & stuff

It's probably the first and last time I'm reporting about a demoparty I'm not even attending :)

Last night, a band called BASS, consisting of a bunch of demosceners, had a concert at Breakpoint, and they also played a cover of Robotic Liberation soundtrack. There was no live stream yet, but at least there's a YouTube video available:

I still haven't been able to watch this in its entirety, so I'm not commenting it yet :)

The live webstream arranged by is supposed to start today at 16:00 CET (17:00 Finnish time, 14:00 UTC/GMT, I think). I'm really thankful of this possibility of watching the competitions from a distance, but I somewhat disagree with certain technical details.

You see, the lame French peecee-sceners, in their infinite wisdom, have chosen to use a proprietary video codec called VP61, with little official support on platforms other than Windows. Fortunately, there has been a partial open-source implementation available for some months now, and it can be found at least in newish svn snapshots for mplayer (December 2006 or something). Either download the latest tarball and pray that it compiles and works (yesterday's tarball did), and if it doesn't, use svn to get an earlier revision and compile it instead. No extra flags needed. Yeah, gotta love this fanatism about immature technology and all the nice consequences.

Anyway, the funny thing is that the open-source decoder works very well as long as the video is non-interlaced. Once they swich to interlaced material (and they have a lot of it at, everything screws up. So I'm hoping they don't even think about pushing that "activate interlace mode" button out there. Of course, the Windows dll could also work with mplayer on some x86 systems (it didn't work in mine).

Enough for ranting. The Awards gala and Commodore 64 competitions will be held tonight, and fate permitting, streamed in a watchable format without continuous break-ups. Tomorrow they have the console demo competition (including an Atari 2600 demo containing some of my stuff), and in Monday we're going to hear the results.