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Soviet Game&Watch games

Some days ago I wrote about original Soviet coin-op video games. In the Livejournal discussion, the topic of Soviet handheld electronic games also came up. The conclusion was that they were mostly clones of Nintendo Game&Watch games, and we were right, I guess, at least with that "mostly".

Original Chef Cloned Chef

Quite similar patterns, yes, except for that the Soviet chef looks much happier than his western counterpart!

However, according to a site called "Obscure Pixels", there are at least three original Soviet Game&Watch style games which have no counterpart in any of the sixty members of the Game&Watch family:

Igra na Ekrane 1 Igra na Ekrane 2 Avtoslalom

The final one ("Avtoslalom") also happens to be the one I was shown at the Alternative Party demoscene event some years ago. However, there was some problem with it (no battery, or some technical failure, not sure) so I couldn't try it out back then.

By the way, a Windows-based emulator called Handheld Quake plays some of the Russian games. The picture of the Chef clone is from there.